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The Gadgy popcorn machine quickly makes delicious popcorn like the popcorn from the cinema. The popcorn maker is perfect for parties or movie nights at your home, where all your friends and family can enjoy your popcorn.


The popcorn machine uses hot air heating, so that no greasy oil or butter needs to be used. The device makes fresh, crispy popcorn which is healthier than microwave popcorn because it is free from harmful BPA substances.

High quality

You can start the machine immediately without waiting time. The tasty popcorn is ready within 3 minutes. Furthermore, the popcorn machine has a transparent design at the top so that you can see the popcorn puffing, something that especially children love. Finally, the even heating of the turbines ensures that all popcorn becomes equally warm, causing 95% of the corn to puff.

For the whole family

Perfect for a movie night, a healthy snack when you visit, a snack to offer during a birthday, or at any time you feel like some delicious popcorn!

Easy to clean and store

The machine can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth because the popcorn machine uses no oil and has a non-stick surface on the inside. The machine is also easy to store because it has a small, compact size.

Top Features

  • Even turbine heating
  • Due to the hot air system, no fat, oil or butter is required
  • Easy to use: Put the corn in the machine with the matching scoop and switch it on easily with & eacute; & eacute; n button
  • Easy to clean: wipe with a cloth is sufficient
  • Small and light, so easy to store
  • Contains ao a Dutch manual.
  • Guaranteed fun for the whole family!


  • Size: 27 x 18.6 x 13 cm.
  • The popcorn maker has an integrated measuring spoon, a removable lid and non-slip feet
  • 1200 Watt
  • 220 – 240 Volts
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