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The Gadgy® Solar Torch Light is a real eyecatcher in your garden. The robust appearance and the 96 flickering flame-like LEDs make this torch a decorative way to illuminate your driveway, terrace, garden, road, summer parties, entrances, etc.

The torch lamp works on solar energy. Sunlight charges the battery during the day. When the torch light is fully charged by sunlight during the summer, it can burn for up to 12 hours. During the shorter winter days and during a cloudy day, the battery needs more time to fully charge and thus the maximum exposure time will decrease. When it is light, the lamp goes out again. 

It is no problem to leave the torch light outside in the rain. The solar panel and the LED candle in the torch lamp are IP65-certified, which means that it isSuitable for outdoor use.


The Solar Torch lamp has 3 settings:

  1. On -Press the ON button for 3 to 5 seconds to activate the flashing LED lights.
  2. Dimming – The LEDs dim after the ON button is briefly pressed again.
  3. Off – If the ON button is pressed again for a short time, the lamp will go out.



  • 1 LED Solar Garden Torch 12×12 x78 cm.
  • Colour black
  • 96 white energy-saving LEDs
  • 25000 burning hours
  • IP65 = Suitable for outdoor use.
  • With ON / OFF switch on the lamp.
  • 2000mA rechargeable battery included
  • Material: Plastic
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