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This tabletop Beer/Drink Dispenser keeps up to 3,5 liters of your favorite beverage ice cold and more accessible than ever!

This cool looking Beer Tower makes it easy for your family, friends or party guests to serve their own drinks. It’s the ultimate solution – they love it and you end up with one less thing to worry about!

• Assemble the Beer Tower, fill it up, pull the tap handle and tap your own beer at home like a professional with this Beer Tower!

• The Beer Dispenser has a total capacity of 3,5 liters, which is divided in a 1,1 liter ice compartment and a 2,5 liter drinks compartment. Thanks to the separate ice compartment your drinks stay cool, without being in direct contact with the ice cubes and melt water.

• You can use this tabletop Beer Tower to dispense all kinds of drinks, like juice, wine, ice coffee, punch or lemonade: Fill it up with water, add some fruit, mint leaves and cucumber and make your own healthy and chilled flavored water!

• When you remove the ice compartment, the Beer Tower can be used as a 3,5 liter beverage dispenser. Just sit back and enjoy, while your guests serve themselves!

After the party, it can be disassembled in four separate parts which makes this dispenser easy to clean.

With its 53 cm. height, this dispenser is a true eye-catcher and it can’t be overlooked! Ideal for (garden) parties, barbecues, at the office, for a buffet etc.

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