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Pure, unique and natural hand carved 100% Himalayan Chrystal Rock Salt Lamp.

Atmospheric with a calming light. Purifies the air.

• The Himalaya Salt Lamp works as a natural air purifier. Himalaya Salt Lamps provide multiple health benefits, are a beautiful addition to any room and make the perfect night light due to their soft glowing and Amber coloured light.

• The Himalaya Salt Lamp attracts moisture from the surrounding environment. This dries very quickly after the light is turned on and releases negative ions, which creates a purifying and ionising effect.

• Each Himalaya Salt Lamp is carved by hand. The base is made of Neem wood, which is known for its durability. It can be dimmed to the preferred light intensity with the included dimmer.

• The lamp weighs 2-3 kg., Is about 18-20 cm. High and 15-18 cm. wide. Complete with dimmer, wooden base, light fitting and E14 lamp. Because a LED light is not warm enough for evaporation, a light bulb is used. Make sure your Himalaya Salt Lamp is stored in a dry environment.

If placed in a moist environment, make sure the lamp is on a waterproof subsurface which will not be affected by excess moisture.

An 15W/20W/25W/40 Watt bulb can be used

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