WIFI Led strip 1 x 5 mtr.


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With this RGB LED strip you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home! Choose your favourite colour and control it easily with voice commands, the remote control or with the app on your phone.

-Easy to operate with the remote control or via the App on your phone. Pair with Google Home or Amazon Alexa and turn this Led Strip into a real ‘Smart Home’ lighting. Control from any location, even outdoors connect to other smart devices or lighting.

-Choose the perfect atmosphere for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. You can choose from no less than 16 million colours and the brightness is fully adjustable. Create scenes, save your favorites or let the lighting react to music during a party!

-Install without screws or drilling. Easy to cut to size and attach with the adhesive strip. The flexible strip can be formed in all curves and is super thin and small so you can use it in all possible places.

-Longevity. The powerful 5050 LEDs last at least 50,000 hours and are very energy efficient.

-5 Meter Length. The Led strip is no less than 5 meters long and easy to cut to size on the mark. If you don’t have enough, you can buy a second one and connect them together.

This Led Strip is a fantastic addition to your home lighting. Use it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even in damp rooms like the bathroom. The Led Strip is IP 65 waterproof and can withstand water very well. NOTE: This only applies to the strip itself, not to the wifi module and adapter.

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