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> Are you looking for a way to make crispy and tasty popcorn, just like in the cinema?
The Gadgy popcorn machine produces delicious popcorn easily and quickly! Your friends and family will love it when they are visiting for a birthday or a movie night!

Ready in 3 minutes
The Gadgy popcorn machine has only 3 minutes needed to prepare 130 grams (5 liters of popcorn), enough for the whole family and for every party! When the popcorn is ready you can remove the upper part and turn it 180 degrees. This gives you the popcorn in a bowl, with heat-resistant handles on the side.

Quiet and evenly heated
The popcorn machine works relatively quietly. The stirrer evenly distributes the corn (and butter) over the hob of the machine, ensuring that all popcorn is well heated and ready at the same time.

Easy to clean and store
The popcorn maker is very easy to clean due to the non-stick coating and the design makes it very easy to put on (see photos).

For the whole family
The popcorn maker is ideal for the whole family. Perfect for a movie night, a snack to offer your visitors or just for yourself because it is delicious!

Add flavors
you can use butter, syrup, add sugar, salt, or spices after you have put the corn in the machine. You can even put the butter in the container on the machine, where it will melt and fall on top of the popcorn. The popcorn machine distributes it evenly over the popcorn.

– Quiet in use
– Easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating
– Easy to store thanks to the smart design
– Handles are heat resistant
– Popcorn is ready in 3 minutes
– The upper part of the machine can be used as a bowl
– All flavors and spices can be put in the machine to be added
– 800 Watt
– 220-240 volt

2 year warranty

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