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Wake up in a relaxed way with this Gadgy Wake Up Light. In 30 minutes, the sun literally rises in your bedroom and you wake up slowly. You can choose from 6 different alarm sounds including birds and sea sounds or FM radio and there is a snooze function. In the evening you can fall asleep peacefully in the same way in 30 minutes with the sunset.

This Gadgy® Wake Up Light is not just an alarm clock, but is also a beautiful night lamp on your bedside table. The lamp has 7 different colors of LED light and 10 light settings for a nice atmosphere in your room. You can also read well!

The LED display also has 2 different brightness settings and in the time display you can choose between 12/24 hour mode.

The Gadgy Wake Up Light comes in a beautiful luxurious package which makes it even more fun to give and receive as a gift!

Product specifications:

  • Simulation sunrise wakes you up gradually before 30 minutes
  • Sunset feature: lamp dims gradually and shuts off after 30 minutes
  • Bedside lamp with 10 brightness settings
  • LED colored mood light create fascinating atmosphere LED
  • LED display with 2 brightness setting
  • Time display in 12/24 H mode
  • Dual alarms for wake time and sunset time
  • Six alarmsounds and FM radio can be selected as alarm sound
  • Snooze function
  • FM radio 88-108mHZ
  • 15 warm white LED and 15 RGB LED inside
  • Can be powered by Mirco usb cable(included) or adaptor(included)
  • 3 * AAA batteries for backup in case of power failure (not included)
  • Material:ABS,PC Acrylic,Metal
  • Product size: L82mm*W170mm*H180mm
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