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Wireless charger /Qi charger for your mobile ánd beautiful digital wooden alarm clock in 1! In addition to the time, temperature and date, this alarm clock also offers the option of wirelessly charging your suitable smartphone.

Wireless charging: Connect the alarm clock to the power and place the mobile phone on it. For this you only have to place your mobile (Samsung, Iphone and other brands) on the alarm clock. Your smartphone will then be automatically charged immediately. Please note, not every smartphone is suitable for this! (Wireless charging works only on electricity, not on batteries.)

Display display: By default, the time and room temperature are shown on the display. To display the date, press the SET button once. The date will automatically change to the time display. In this way you always have all info within reach!

Power-saving option: You can choose to have the display always visible, but there is also a position where the display is turned off and lights up only when it is activated by sound or the touch the top or sides of the alarm clock. After 10 seconds it goes out again so that you can sleep completely in the dark.

3 Alarm times: You can set up to three different alarm times and they also have the snooze / snooze function.


  • Walnut wood color
  • Dimensions: 15x7x7 cm.
  • Wireless mobile charging
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Temperature display – 0-50 & deg; C
  • Date view
  • 3 Alarm times possible
  • Automatic snooze function
  • Option for sound / touch activated display
  • Works on electricity or 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Including black 5V adapter and USB cable (120 cm.)
  • Including spare battery (Lithium CR2032) for dealing with short-term power outages.

Put this beautiful and handy wooden alarm clock in your bedroom and charge your smartphone while you sleep!

-Gadgy Digital Alarm Clock Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger
-Back-up battery in the clock, for dealing with short-term power outages.
-Black 5V adapter
-USB cable (120 cm)

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